Finally, one I can read easily.

The first format I used for my blog was working fine till a week or so ago.  Then it began cropping off some of the words on the right margins.  Not good.  Missing words can really change the meaning of a matter can’t they?  Last week I changed my blog’s appearance to fix that issue.  However, the font for the comments was so small I needed glasses over my bifocals (trifocals) to read them.  I like this new presentation for the simple reason the words are nice and big.  I think I’ll keep it.  Have a nice day.



One of my favorite features of “blog stats” is seeing the search engine terms people have used to purposefully, or accidently stumble across my blog.  Here are some from today as they appear.

1.  “Rex Boyles” “Church of Christ” – Poor searcher.  They went looking for a class act and ended up in the freak show.

2.  slavery at craig hicks – For the record.  I am one hundred and ten percent in support of Emancipation.  For all people.

3.  while choking shoulders hurt – Oh dear!  What can I say?  Three words.  Hiemlich (?) Manuever.  Chriropracty.  I pray you find someone who excels at both.

Hope your day was blessed.  Mine was hard.  Very hard.  But that’s okay.  I get another chance tomorrow.

love you guys,


One Week!

Yesterday John Dobbs reminded me I’ve been blogging for a week now.  Wow!  It seems like I began my blog only a day or so ago.  (craig thinks a week is a long time.)  This pleases me greatly.  I must be growing up.  (he wishes)  When I began to blog I was concerned it would end the same way most of my past interests have.  (it probably will)  When I find something which interests me I typically attack it with all kinds of gusto and then it tapers off to non-existence.  (truer words have never been said)  But one week!  Apparently I’m stuck on blogging.  (if he goes two weeks it will be a miracle)  So I thank John for exposing me to this community and raise a glass to my new blog friends.  Here’s to another week!  (he doesn’t really drink)