Poor Amy.

Amy has shingles. She started not feeling well early last week and by Wednesday she was in extreme pain. Not to mention the rash.

Amy hates to be alone when she’s not feeling well so I’ve tried to be available to her exclusively since last Friday afternoon. I can’t really blame her for wanting me to stick around as much as possible. Shingles is awful. She can’t even use the ceiling fans because the moving air causes her to hurt. Yikes!

My main job during this ordeal is to simply be available. I tried “treating” her with soothing medicated powder on Sunday and when I applied it she began gasping for air and doubled over in pain.

From now on I’m going to stick to what I’m good at doing. I make a great gopher and maid. Which I’m glad to do because Amy always takes such good care of me when I’m confined to the bed and house.

Last night (Monday) was the first since last week Amy said she slept well. Maybe, prayerfully, the worst is behind us.

Keep Amy in your prayers. Please.