A Christian Hangover

Sure, Christianity isn’t always easy, but it sure is fun much of the time.

The kind of fun that doesn’t endanger yourself or others.

The kind of fun that doesn’t lead to regret.

The kind of fun that doesn’t need someone to be the butt for the joke to be a joke.  Or any other body part for that matter.

The kind of fun that doesn’t degrade either sex.

The kind of fun that doesn’t destroy a person’s body and brain.  Not to mention their spirit.

The kind of fun that doesn’t corrupt

The kind of fun that does enrich friendships.

The kind of fun that is remembered the morning after.

I overindulged at the just concluded Tulsa Workshop.  Sang too much.  Talked too much.  Heard too much.  Laughed too much. Entertained too much.  Slept too… not enough.

I’m paying for it today.  My throat is a bit scratchy.  My nap lasted a little longer.  All the lessons I heard are a confused jumble of goodness and  I can’t even remember the particular person who said the particular what.  Or where.  However, my head isn’t pounding-  the slightest movement isn’t producing a tsunami of nausea throughout my body- and I haven’t vomited once.

I’ve had the other kind of hangover.  Awful from what I can remember.  I prefer the hangovers I experience in Christ.  They are vastly superior.  And cheaper too!

Christianity is fun.  More people should try it.

P.S.  As hungover as I am today it’s nothing compared to what my co-workers must be experiencing today.  Terry, Becky, Shane, Bobby, Jason, Sherri and Heather have to be exhausted.  Power in Jesus to you guysAnd thank you.


The 2009 Edition of the Tulsa Workshop.

Well- it was great. Here are some of the highs and lows for me.

High: Joe Almanza’s Friday night lesson.

High: Trey Morgan’s class. It was about blogging but he made it so much more. He taught in such a way that the session was over before you wanted it to be over. I hope he gets more opportunities next year.

High: The new venue for the booths. Much easier on the feet. Increased opportunities to see friends. Great bathrooms.

High/low: Distance between the venues. High- good exercise. Low- good exercise. High- great way to enjoy a beautiful day walking with a friend. Low- we didn’t have any beautiful days.

High/low: The classroom size. High- as a teacher it’s much more rewarding to teach in an intimate setting. Low- not being able to attend a session that filled quickly. High- cd’s.

Low: I missed the bloggers lunch I helped put together. You see, we had a massive snowfall which wasn’t supposed to stick but stuck within minutes of falling. On my way to the fairgrounds I went sailing (sliding) through a major intersection during a red light. I barely missed being broadsided by a huge pickup truck. So after even more snow falling I was a little gun shy about getting on the road again when it came time to leave for the bloggers lunch. I did try though but when a truck nearly smashed into the jeep I was riding in I said forget it. Next year…

High: Being proud of my co-workers. They did great in everything they did.

High: Sunday lunch with the Dobbs.

Really- if you’ve never been you should plan on being here next year.

Reminders for the absent-minded or forgetful who are coming to the Tulsa Workshop.

First of all- don’t be offended. I’m pretty absent-minded myself. The other day I took a fifteen minute shower. At the time it was delightful. When I began to dry off though it occurred to me I never turned the water on.

Okay- I think what I meant to say was I made a pot of coffee a couple of weeks ago. Or months. Or longer. Anyway, when I took my first sip it occurred to me I forgot  to put the coffee grounds in the filter. Believe it or not that cup of hot brown water tasted better than the stuff I made the time I accidentally jammed fresh coffee grounds on top of the old coffee grounds which resulted in an undrinkable gritty mess.

But that’s not what I wanted to tell you either.  Look on the bright side- if I do become senile in my old age Amy will never know the difference.

Oh yeah!  I wanted to remind those to whom it concerns that the Tulsa Workshop is just a few weeks away.  After the Friday night session there will be an AIM reunion at the Memorial Drive building.  It’ll be our third one so if you were in AIM and you’re going to be here for the Workshop please plan on stopping by.

And another thing.  The bloggers booth is on.  Yea!  It’s going to be a comfortable set-up with couches so look for it and plan on hanging out for awhile.  If you’re lucky you might get to meet some important and famous bloggers.  Like John Dobbs or Trey Morgan.  Be sure and bring your laptop if you want them to sign it.  While you’re at the booth you can also get the information you need to join us for the bloggers lunch on Saturday.  That’s going to be an awesome time.

Now what was I saying…