I can’t afford the economic recovery.

Governments, bankers and businesses must labor under the illusion we the people are made of money. Or that we have trees in our back yards on which money  does in fact grow no matter the season.   Have you noticed many of their solutions for rescuing the economy (from situations they created) involve finding creative ways to get more of what they must believe are our endless supplies of free cash?

For example- some in government are talking about taxing us for every single mile we drive. This is in addition to the multiple taxes we already pay for every single gallon of gas we purchase.  Amy and I have so much money laying around I’m thrilled with this idea as the per-mile tax will finally help us de- clutter our house.  We used to burn our cash but quit because we fear going to jail for the rest of our lives for environmental terrorism.

Another example- An airline in Ireland is toying with the idea of charging passengers to what amounts to $1.43 for the totally optional biological need to relieve one’s self.  In this case some weary traveler may find themselves trapped on this particular airline after purchasing an overpriced  ticket to sit in a cramped seat for hours without food and in addition to having paid an additional fee for the luxury of traveling with a change of clothes. Or at least a change of underwear for the rare citizen who can’t afford the in-flight lavatory tax.  Since the government and business believe we’re loaded I can’t imagine for the life of me why I haven’t already bought my own jet.

Boston Tea Party anybody?