Pictures of a happy church.

camera-photos-048This is Terry on his way to the office.


A Terry wannabe.  Just not happening.  It’s a Ford and the wannabe ain’t as pretty as Terry.  Keep trying.

camera-photos-053One of the boys in our youth group with his nurse.

camera-photos-052Y.A.M.ers (Young Adult Ministry)  Lord help me!

camera-photos-060And I guess you better help them too.

camera-photos-058Our very first YAM activity.

camera-photos-068Terry practicing what he preaches.  This lady literally wandered into our building looking for someone to baptize her.  Terry studied with her and you can see how it ended.  I believe the Holy Spirit led her to Terry because after years of experience He trusts Terry to make the most of every opportunity.   It’s just one of the things I hope to grow in during my year of ministry renewal at Memorial Drive.


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  1. Awesome pics – esp. love the youth group member…only as young as we feel, right?? I remember my Grandmother Connie sitting cross-legged on the floor every night for a game of solitaire in her seventies (and Pops was leaning over her shoulder, telling her moves she missed!). Those are my favorite kind of young folks to be with! So glad you are having this “renewal” time. Feels like that is where we are too. Love ya bro! Crystal

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