New Hero

These days I’m gaining new heroes all the time.   The latest one is Bobby Smith.  He’s the youth minister at Memorial Drive.

I’m blessed because Bobby is humble.  I don’t know if I’m mature enough to do for him what he has done for me.  I would be unnerved to minister in a place where the guy I was replacing remained in that place.  Even under the best of circumstances I would find that weird.  I would not want to feel intimidated or insecure, but I probably would.  Don’t you just hate it when you can’t feel the way you want to feel…or the way you know you should feel?

I admire Bobby because by welcoming me he has put himself in a position where he may struggle with feelings he may not want to feel.  That’s heroic.  That’s faith.  As the leadership considered allowing me to return in some capacity Bobby could have easily derailed the matter by expressing his doubts or insecurities.  He didn’t.  He welcomed me.

I feel like Bobby deserves to hear- well done.  I believe Jesus is saying exactly that right now.  Bobby is a big part of the unfolding blessings taking place in my life.  He’s now part of my story.  That makes me happy.

Thank you Bobby.



  1. And it’s not just ONE of the guys that used to have his job…it’s TWO!

    I agree – kudos to Bobby!

  2. I second the agreement. Bobby is masterful at judgment. I marvel at how wise he is for being so young.

    Thanks, Craig, for developing a role of encourager. Your words speak important matters!

    I love you today!

  3. He sounds like the kind of friend we all need.

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