Second day-First Problem

For the last seven years I’ve worn a uniform in my various jobs.  Security guard- uniform.  McDonalds- uniform.  Delivery driver- uniform.  Minister- I’m wasting precious morning minutes because I haven’t had to think about dressing myself in a long time.

I’m thinking about designing my own preacher uniform.  Nothing too flashy.  Something simple like white jumpsuits embroidered with sequins arranged in tasteful geometric patterns.

Or I’m wondering what they would do if I showed up for work in a clerical collar?  Like priests wear.  That would allow me to get primo parking at some hospitals.  Don’t worry though- to differentiate myself from those other churches my collar would be embroidered with sequins arranged in tasteful geometric patterns (never a cross though).

Of course the main benefit would be I wouldn’t have to waste time deciding what to wear every morning.  I could also support my ministry by selling these uniforms to other ministers.  I’d love to see Terry, Shane, Bobby and Jason in sequins.  Not to mention John Dobbs.

Love you guys.



  1. Years ago, I went to the Promise Keeper’s Clergy conference in Atlanta, along with our youth minister. At one point in the weekend, a priest walked by us in a black, silk robe with a beautiful purple sash. We looked at each other and both said the exact same words: “We gotta get a robe like that!”

    Just think Greg-it’s free advertisement and all these years later you still remember the guy.

  2. Imagine doing the laundry! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek black silk robe would NOT be wash n’wear…

    Ugh, you’re right. But what about sequins?

  3. I have a perfect solution….I have these wonderfully comfortable “Crimson Tide” scrubs! You could sew labels on them saying “we are washed in the blood”…

    Trust me, it will work!

  4. White jumpsuit? Sequins?

    Are you sure you aren’t getting your preacher stuff mixed up with your Elvis stuff?

  5. I like the Sequins idea. thank you, thank you very much!

  6. oh, and don’t forget the pointy hat. ya got to have a pointy hat!

  7. I have a cool machine….I could embroider something tasteful on them for you…maybe in a geometric pattern!

  8. Oh Craig, Elvis would be so proud of you! You made my day today with your post ;D

  9. Robes would take the guesswork out of what to wear, and be more modest and give us something to trip on. Sequins … only if teal and silver. I don’t know what that means.

  10. What? The neon green shirts are not enough for you? How about making them glow in the dark? (A city set on a hill…..?)

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