Quick report on Day One.

The day went well.  It felt right and proper to be doing what I’m doing and where I am doing it.  I felt more than welcomed by my co-workers- I felt gladness in their presence.

Being back is sort of strange too.  Everything looked familiar, but somehow different too.  But I never felt out of place or in the way.  In some ways it feels like I fell asleep for seven years and woke up in the same place.  Some differences are disorienting.  Like the differences in technology.  Basically I have been out of an office environment for seven years.  When I left MD the church calendar was literal.  A paper document full of strikeouts and scribble, stickers and sticky notes.  Now I have to learn a new computer program which serves as the church calendar.  Heather graciously showed me how to do it.  Still I fear the poor college ministry may go twelve months without a single scheduled event.  Or I will schedule everything for the year 3008.

Speaking of technolgy.  My second task today (the first was finding where the coffee pot is stationed) was getting rid of an eighties era typewriter.  In the eighties it was the latest thing.  Today it’s worthless.  Only God could invent something the first time around that transforms itself into the latest thing every single day.  Thus the latest version of every person is presented to the world every morning.

I spent some time throughout the day with the latest version of Terry Rush.  The version I worked with seven years ago was a good version.  The latest one is even better.  I believe the Lord may have worked in his heart these last seven years to create a version with me in mind.

We had our first ministry meeting tonight at my house.  People showed up earlier than we were expecting and stayed later than I imagined.  Till about 11:30PM.  Somehow I think that’s good.  After all, ministry is about people.

It’s after one now- good night or good morning.