I don’t know why, but…

…last night I was thinking about Lazarus.  You know- the one Jesus raised from the dead.  I admire him.  Not for dying.  We all get to do that.  I admire him for coming back.  He spent four days in the bosom of Abraham then he was called back.  What a bummer.

If it had been me when Jesus commanded, “Craig, come forth!” the crowd would have grown tired of waiting for me to come out.  I’d be thinking if I laid in my grave long enough pretending to still be dead then perhaps everyone would leave and then I would eventually die again.  Soon I hope.

After getting a four day taste of heaven I’m pretty sure Jesus would probably have to send someone into my tomb to drag me out.  In that case I would wail and moan like a ghost in the hope of scaring them away.  Or I’d bite them.

So after thinking about Lazarus last night I concluded it’s a good thing it was him and not me.  I believe I would have ruined the point Jesus was trying to make.

I do plan on discussing this with Lazarus some day.