And the rest of the story.

This is so stunning I meant to mention it yesterday.  So here goes.

On Sunday morning Terry Rush informed us that his once dead cordless drill has been resurrected.  Apparently after placing such an item in a microwave to dry, as Terry did, one must wait four or five days for the micro-waves to work their wonder.

I’m praying for his T.V. to conk out so he can test it next.  Till then he should try placing the microwave he killed (a small price to pay for a cordless drill) into the new microwave I’m sure he’s had to buy for Mary.

To repeat- Terry Rush has discovered power tools can be zapped back to life in microwave ovens.

Other than that I can’t remember a single thing from Terry’s sermon.

Just kidding.

Disclaimer:  This blog will not be liable for death or dismemberment resulting from exploding microwaves or enraged housewives.  Especially the enraged housewives part.


Just a dad.

I’m reading a biography named Walt Disney: Triumph of the American Imagination.  I was about a year old when Mr. Disney died so I have a little difficulty relating the name Walt Disney to a human being.  In reading the book I’ve learned I’m not the only one.

Walt Disney was a terrific father.  He doted on his two daughters. He loved them deeply and they knew it.  Although he was a world famous celebrity his kids had no idea.  He lived in Hollywood but never became Hollywood.  At home he was just a plain ol dad.  So plain that when his daughter Diane  was six-years-old she asked him if he was Walt Disney.

He said, “You know that I am.”

But that’s not what she wanted to know.  So she asked again…

“Are you THE Walt Disney?”

He got a big kick out of that and confessed he was- THE Walt Disney.

Can you imagine?

She asked for his autograph.

“Everything Seemingly is Spinning Out of Control”

So says an AP article, currently on The Drudge Report, by Alan Fram and Eileen Putnam.   They go on to say…

Midwestern levees are bursting.  Polar bears are adrift.  Gas prices are skyrocketing.  Home values are abysmal.  Air fares, college tuition and health care border on unaffordable.  Wars without end rage in Iraq, Afghanistan and against terrorism…

The can-do, bootstrap approach embedded in the American psyche is under assault.  Eroding it is a dour powerlessness that is chipping away at the country’s sturdy conviction that destiny can be commanded with sheer courage and perseverance…

This is good news- let every believer man their battle stations.  What an opportunity for followers of Jesus to shine.  Just imagine the kinds of places where our faith can make a difference.

In our homes moms and dads can make lasting impressions in the lives of their children by exchanging dour powerlessness for humble dependence.  What an awesome opportunity to teach our young ones we have no fear of losing every worldly possession we own as long as Jesus Christ is the true head of our homes.  Our response to the current mood of the nation will tell our children what we really believe.  Husbands and dads, in particular, be the light of Jesus for your families.

When everyone is griping about the price of fuel- or whatever since the cost everything seems to be increasing – it might be helpful to say something like, “I’m not worried about the price of fuel- or whatever since the cost of everything seems to be increasing.”

“Why aren’t you worried?” someone might reply.

I’m not going to suggest what your response should be.  But I will be bold enough to say that if we are griping as everyone else is griping- if we are saying the same thing everyone else is saying then we will make no difference.  For the Lord.

Doom and Gloom seem to abound.  Watch the news.  Read the paper.  Listen to your co-workers.  Personally, I’m glad.  Business as usual  has made it very difficult to convince independent, overfed and newly-clothed folk that they are actually naked, malnourished slaves.  Maybe we can make some headway now.  For Jesus.

Doom and Gloom seem to abound.  As the darkness settles a glowing city set on a hill might at last make an impression on those who have come to fear the dark.

I’m excited and nervous and expectant.  Something is going on…Whatever it is I pray for the courage to meet it with faith and passionate conviction.  I hope I am worthy of the opportunities God is sowing in the current climate of fearful expectations.

I hope my light will shine brightly.

How about you?

Yea for Sunday

I finally got to go to my home church today after several weeks of traveling.  Not to mention being kept away last week due to severe weather.  We had a great day.  Our church is a lot of fun.  I missed it.  Awesome singing- a happy spirit- an encouraging lesson- and three baptisms to end the service.  Two of them were adults I’ve never seen before which means to me our family continues to shine the light of the Lord in our communities.  The third baptism was for one of the sweetest girls you could ever hope to know.

By the way I do worry about our minister, Terry Rush, from time to time.  Today he related the following story.  He  left one of his favorite power tools outside during one of our frequent bouts of severe weather.  It was a cordless drill.  Needless to say it didn’t survive.  However, Terry is a man of hope.  He let it air dry for a couple of days and tried again.  Still nothing.  Since faith without works is dead Terry decided to help the dead drill dry out in a more directed fashion.  He put it in his wife’s microwave.  For thirty seconds.  About the time Mary caught him Terry says a colorful firework display erupted within the microwave.  The drill was still dead.  No word on the microwave.

I’m just glad Mary let Terry come to church this morning because he preached a great sermon.

What’s He waiting for?

Does anyone else ever wonder why God seems to be taking His time in coming to get us?

I just read a story on MSN which reports the death of a toddler.  She was flying home after receiving care for a club foot in Iowa.  She was aboard an Angel flight, a gift of mercy, when it crashed shortly after take off.  Her mother survived and according to relatives is “doing okay physically.”  We know what that means.  Some of us better than others.

So many people around the world are hurting this day.  Sometimes I wish God would just end it and I wonder what He’s waiting for.  Yes, I know we say things like “till every nation has heard the gospel,” yet we’re not dealing with a finite task when we say such things.  The “world” Jesus spoke of in Mt 28 ceased to exist two thousand years ago.  A new world is born every single day.  A new generation is created daily while we struggle to save the ones already crowding the planet.

Some folks claim Jesus will return when every nation has heard the good news.  Well, then I wish He would perform one more miracle to help us do that.  I wish He would use His powers to prevent more babies from being born.  If He would then be so kind as to tell us what the cut off date is we would at least have some hard numbers.

Meanwhile, I wish He would put an end to the continuing injustices, heartaches, griefs, hates, wars, cruelties and sufferings of a fallen world.  For generations yet born it seems like it would be an act of mercy.  At least that’s what my weak and inferior human logic tells me.

I don’t want to die particularly.  On second thought, I don’t want to die period.  But I wouldn’t mind being somewhere else either.  Like with Jesus.  So I wish He’d come get us.  To that some might say, “But if He comes right now what about those who don’t know Jesus?”  I agree but even while I’m agreeing millions of people are being born who may never know Him either.  And it goes on and on and on.  See what I’m saying?  What’s He waiting for?

A family blessed with a baby in need of special medical attention was rejoicing when this day began.  Their daughters treatment had gone well.  What a relief.  Before the very same day ended they were making arrangements for a funeral.  I wish God would come right now and save generations yet born from having to endure days like these.

Come quickly Lord Jesus!!!

Tough Day.

I’ll be honest- I had a lousy day (Sunday). Amy and I were about ready for church when severe weather blew through our neighborhood. They were reporting tennis ball size hail in some areas and though we were spared that calamity the wind was blowing fifty to sixty miles an hour at our house. A large section of our backyard fence is now hanging loose and limbs came down all over the place. We also lost power for most of the day which is becoming a regular feature of living in Tulsa.

Worst of all it has become apparent to me that the retaining wall I built retains nothing. I spent most of the day undoing hours and hours of hard work. Fortunately our swimming pool/pond appears to have absorbed most of the backyard so the house was spared a mudslide. Trust me- I’m calling in the professionals now. Although Amy will probably have to sell me in order to pay for it.

Did I mention I’ve also killed several more snakes lately? The last one, yesterday, was laying in our driveway pleased as could be- till I cut it in sections. I fear Jackie Chestnut is correct and our house is built on an ancient snake burial ground. I just can’t figure our what I’ve done to offend them so.

I hope your Sunday was better than mine.