Part of the Family

We have such a blessing in one another. Don’t we? We might fuss and discuss now and then but…

Spending a few days with John and Maggy Dobbs reminided me how wonderful you are. Not to mention reading the dozens and dozens of comments on his blog. Two of our own have been dealt the worst blow of all. Yet, if our common enemy plans on exploiting their pain he will have to fight through thousands of warriors, from around the world, just to get close. Perhaps he’ll be too tired to do anything by the time he reaches them. It’s like two of God’s warriors have fallen in battle (knocked down, not out) and in a dazzling burst of speed a battalion of comrades have encircled them protectively- swords drawn- hearts ready.

None of us can absorb the pain for John and Maggy. Or pray it away. Eventually, in a mystical way we can’t fathom, their hurt will be turned on its head by God Himself. Meanwhile the body of Christ stands hyper-vigilant on their behalf- ready to be of help in other ways. Prayer. Food. Money. Companionship. Prayer. Blog comments. Cards. Calls. Offers of places to get away…

Don’t you love belonging to one another in Jesus? I can’t see how people get by- or choose to get by – without a church family. My wife is a grief counselor for hospice. All of her clients are dying. Many of them have either outlived family or refuse to talk to them. They have no one. No one to mow their lawn. No one to clean their house. No one to bring them food. No one to sit and visit. No one to hold their hand. No one to say goodbye.

What a sad and needless way to die.

I wish there was a way we could a better job of showing the world how beautiful and comforting is the body of Christ. I wish millions of souls now hidden behind negative church experiences could see what John and Maggy have seen in you this week. You are noble. Loving. Supportive. Generous. Listening. Caring. Patient.

Because of Jesus



  1. I am immensely blessed to be part of the family. And it’s because of John that I snuck into this clan of the family somehow (glad you welcome Aussie/South Africans), and now have the privilege of praying for John, Maggy, Nicole, their parents and offering a stray word or two here and there.

    Welcome to the family of God in Tulsa, Oklahoma my sister. We not only welcome Aussie/South Africans- we need them. Plus you’ve got awesome accents

  2. Craig,

    It’s a strain to take in all of the awe and riches God wishes for us. Yet, how welcomed we are to try. Thank you for pointing out yet another reason being in the body of Christ is essential.

    You just keep blessing us!

    Terry you are one of the best cheerleaders on behalf of the church I know so your compliment is a thrill.

  3. Thank you Craig. Without God’s Church, we would be a miserable wreck. Everytime I think I am a miserable wreck, someone knocks on my door or brings in some food or cleans our house … I am amazed at God’s family. You are so right.

  4. I know that I have been blessed by God’s family. To think I once ran away from these very people hurts my heart. But God is gracious and has devised a way to get us back to Him. Sometimes His ways may be painful but they get us where He needs us to be.

    I have thought about John and Maggy’s family so much lately. I’m grateful that they have people around that can remind them to breathe when breathing seems impossible. That can remind them to hope when they feel hopeless. That can give them someone to stand beside when they feel so alone, and someone hold them up until they can stand on their own.

    John will read this and be touched yet again. Folks in Lubbock, whom he’s never met have rallied to his side. The church is amazing.

  5. In many ways, this blog extension of the body of Christ has been more of a blessing than the physical body with which we meet weekly. I wouldn’t want to live life outside this body. I don’t know you or your wife, but I love what your wife does! My family owns and operates a funeral home and the hospice family is awesome! We love them for what they do and in the context of where they do it.

    It’s amazing what blogging has done for fellowship and support. I think it’s becoming a force to be reckoned with and will lead to unimaginable blessings. Thanks for saying something about Amy too. She is remarkable. As is Hospice.

  6. I understand this post. My church family is my lifeline.

    May God bless the Kingdom and Advance Her Borders!

  7. “a battalion of comrades have encircled them protectively- swords drawn- hearts ready”

    Someone needs to preach that!!!!
    Now, where’s my sword…

  8. Craig,

    You know, there is just something about that name!
    I am glad that you called me your friend brother. JD is gonna make it!

    I like myself best when I am with you, even if it is through a blog…

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