Blah and other stuff

– Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between not feeling well and being depressed. Such is the case this week. I returned to work today…Amy is out of town…and…

– We got our stimulus check from the gov. today. Amy is out of town so I wonder…

– I’m so blessed to have a friend like John Dobbs. He is an enabler. He enables me to see some good in myself and my gifts. He believes in me…He cheers me on…He invents ways for me to use my gifts. We need more people like him in the kingdom. Ministers can be a strange lot-the gifts they see in other ministers are sometimes seen as a threat. That has never been the case with John. He broadcasts the gifts he sees in others and does all he can to empower them to use their talents to the utmost. Like Jesus would.

–  I want to thank John and Maggy for including me in the service for their son. It wasn’t an honor I expected but one for which I am very grateful. What a gift when a mom and dad ask someone like me to say a few things at their only son’s funeral. I will never forget it.

– Speaking of the funeral- Dusty Rush was awesome. Tender.  Compassionate.  Real.  I wish you could have seen him. He was a true minister to the Dobbs family. Conway is blessed to have him and Crystal.

– I think the service came out as it did because of the man John asked to co-ordinate everything. His name is Al Sturgeon. His gentle, humble spirit set the tone for everyone who spoke.

– I sat between Dusty Rush (cool) and Bill Collins(cool too). Bill, I love you and was glad to see you. Like John you are one of my cheer leaders. Thanks.

– I’m thinking about going on the Jenny Craig Diet. Not that I need to lose weight. It’s just that their new spokesperson, Valerie Bertinelli, has convinced me that I need to be size “lovin’ life.” Like her. Afterall, I do have that stimulus check I’ve gotta spend and I’m thinking that Jenny Craig is probably cheaper than Prozac. I might even have enough money left-over to get Amy a new power tool for “her” next birthday. Which is on May 8th. I mean September 21st.

–  John Dobbs needs to write a book